Togo is outfitted with many amenities to provide a top-of-the-line outdoor experience.

Numerous elevated stands dot the landscape and are strategically placed along deer trails, bedding areas and the food supply. For the purist bow hunter, an area of 600 acres (more or less) has been set aside for bow hunting only. A team of caretakers and guides has been put together to aid and assist anyone needing help.

The camp area includes a chow hall with outside cargo lift, where meals are served on weekends and holidays during deer hunting season, as well as a walk-in cooler for meat storage, enclosed skinning rack with electric hoists and an outdoor fire pit. Water comes from a deep well with a water treatment facility, and members can rest easy with Togo’s standby backup generator, which provides 40 kw via propane.

A cook and deer processor will be on hand during weekends and the holiday season to prepare and furnish meals, as well as to process any harvested game. Summertime fishing is somewhat dependent on the Mississippi River, but is typically outstanding—limits of bass, crappie and catfish are a routine event. In addition, our winter food plots, summer forage acreage, stand placement, and many other factors are continually evaluated. We are constantly making adjustments to further enhance safety and hunting enjoyment.