“Togo is a target rich environment. If you have ever hunted Mississippi River Bottom country, you know a little of what I am talking about. If you have hunted deer, turkeys, ducks, squirrels or cane cutters; fished or run a trot line at Togo, then you know that this place is overrun with game. I can sit by one of those massive native pecans next to the river and watch a tug boat push a barge up river and all seems good with the world. That moment is only made better when I realize a buck is feeding on pecans 30 yards away.

Probably the best thing about Togo is that your family and friends will make memories, grow closer and enjoy life at its fullest all while being a part of a wild and untouched place that God only made a few of.

I hope you too will experience Togo soon.”

Will Primos
Founder, Primos Hunting

“I had the opportunity to hunt as my father’s guest at Togo in the fall of 2014. I never in my wildest dreams expected to harvest a buck that scored 153, but it happened. What an awesome deer and what an awesome place to hunt.”

Candice Sumrall

“I have hunted on Togo Island for almost 40 years. I have witnessed this property grow into a storied place to hunt and develop a reputation as one of the best places to deer hunt in central Mississippi. With the emphasis that is now on herd management, no doubt a record book deer will soon be taken on Togo Island”

Harry Dendy